Porch Sessions are my own unique offering: a hybrid studio/outdoor setting right on my own beautiful upper porch. I am so lucky to get to live in a gorgeous historical home on Fort Sam Houston, and these porches are my FAVORITE thing about it. I realized pretty early on that I had a great photo […]

A family snuggles on a daybed on a porch during golden hour.

Leave work early and save some money! Exciting update: I’ve just cut back the price of midweek sessions! For awhile I’ve been meaning to differentiate the prices of weekday vs weekend sessions. This past year, my husband was studying all the time on weekends so it didn’t make much difference – we weren’t getting out […]

The 2022 San Antonio bluebonnet season has come to an end, but it was so beautiful while it lasted! This was my first time doing bluebonnet pictures but it definitely won’t be my last. I fell in love with these fields of pretty blue flowers! I typically prefer more neutral settings, but the pops of […]

Family frolicking through a field of bluebonnets

I’m excited to be offering the ultimate Texas photography experience: bluebonnet pictures! These beautiful blue flowers pop in in the spring for just a few weeks and keep photographers on their toes wondering just when to schedule their sessions that year and whether a spot that was great the previous year will perform just as […]

15 years ago The first iteration of Cassey Golden Photography began in 2006, my senior year of college. I’d taken a photography darkroom class and started getting a few friends asking if I’d take engagement pictures for them. The summer after I graduated, an alumnus of the art department asked my professor to recommend a […]

I’m so excited that www.casseygoldenphotography.com is a real live website again – it’s been a long time (like, almost 10 years)! Luckily I have an uncommon name spelling and my old address was still available. I’m in the process of getting everything set up to be back in business. Check back for more soon, and […]

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