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Having two older kids and then doing the baby stage again really gave me perspective on how quickly they grow up and how short this parenting season of life is. I'm surrounded by toddler chaos, those long days when you wonder if you'll ever come out the other side of it. But then I look at my teen and wonder where on earth the time went? Did I capture enough of it? How do I best take advantage of the last few years with her, which are FLYING by? Which memories will stick with me forever, and what will remain in her memories of her childhood as she goes off to live her own life? (hint: what there are pictures of!)

This has taught me the kinds of photos that are the most meaningful to me, and that's what I want to offer to you as well. I want frozen moments of us, cozy and playful and loving at home, as we are on our best days (and when the house looks it's best too - gotta document that!). Capturing this for you is my passion. Check out what I do and then get in touch if it sounds good. I can't wait to hear from you. 

'm a wife to an army man, mom to five awesome kiddos and two dogs, and a Jesus-follower. Some of my favorite things (outside of playing around with my camera) are exploring our beautiful country with my family, camping, hiking, paddleboarding, reading, yoga (but don't ask me when I last found time for it) and chocolate. 


Your San Antonio family photographer and fellow mom-in-the-trenches

I'm Cassey :)

A snapshot into my life

I love these people. Each one of them is so different (even the identical twins!) and brings so much joy to my days in different ways. And exasperation in their own ways too. You know what I'm talking about! But man, I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

In addition to my immediate family, I have an awesome extended family on both sides. As military transplants, we live really far away from home (IN and IL if you're curious) but our bonds have stayed as strong as ever and we love getting back to visit them when we can.


My Favorite Things

If you couldn't tell from the pictures above, we LOVE getting out and exploring our country. Our family goal is to someday see all 64 National Parks - our count is 17 so far! We love primitive tent camping, but 5 kids and 2 dogs later our travels are usually done in a camper. We have had a pop-up, then lived in a massive 5th wheel for a couple years, and have had two travel trailers since then. They all get names and makeovers (yes, I mean the campers) and being out in nature in my pretty white camper is my happy place. 

camping and nature

I'm a serious homebody and always have been. When we meet you'll see that I'm friendly and talkative...and while I am social, I'm actually a big introvert and a total homebody. This is also why I instantly paint my campers - I want them to feel like my peaceful little vacation home! As a military family, we've had a lot of moves...and my first priority is making our new house feel like us, filling it with plants and hanging up pictures. 

Most of my time at home these days is wrangling kids when I'm not working on my business. But my other loves (that I know will find space for again in another season!) are reading, house projects, trying to garden, and yoga...all at home of course. 



Unlike most things we splurge on, photos will only increase in value until one day they are priceless.

Are you ready to upgrade to a full-service photographer? Someone who will guide you every step of the way so you can get stunning, high quality keepsakes without stressing out about if your clothes are right or where to do them or if your kids will cooperate? 

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