How Olivia Green at Acacia OB/GYN Can Guide You Through Birth!

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Finding high-quality medical care makes a big difference in a woman’s health journey throughout her life. At Acacia OB/GYN, patients will always receive the best professional, compassionate care from a skilled team of physicians and midwives. Acacia OBGYN in San Antonio supports and empowers women throughout all ages and stages of life. 

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About Acacia OBGYN

7940 Floyd Curl Drive 

Medical Tower II 

San Antonio, TX 78229

Are you seeking a great place to receive excellent obstetrical and gynecological care? Acacia OBGYN in San Antonio brings high-quality, compassionate obstetrical and gynecological health care to women in every stage of their lives. 

From a teenager’s first well-woman checkup to pregnancy care, to menopause support, to a variety of gynecological concerns and issues during a woman’s life, the providers at Acacia OBGYNin San Antonio provide the highest quality of care to their patients, assisting them in every stage of their life’s journey. 

Acacia OBGYN consists of a team of OB/GYNs, certified nurse midwives, and a committed clinical and support staff ready to assist women with anything they might need in their health journey. In addition to seven fantastic OB/GYNs, this practice features a skilled team of certified nurse midwives: Holly Riley, Olivia Green, and Nivia Palomo. 

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One of the fantastic midwife team members at Acacia OBGYN is Olivia Green, a certified nurse midwife and women’s health practitioner. Olivia has over a decade of experience providing women’s medical care. She views pregnancy as a wonderful, natural process and encourages all women to actively participate in their health journey. 

She serves as an ally and advocate for women during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and beyond. Olivia is skilled at helping women learn what to expect during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, preparing them for any possible complications. 

Olivia is also well-trained in handling prenatal and birthing complications. She is educated in advanced technologies and interventions, knowing when to utilize them appropriately. Olivia’s priority is to ensure a safe pregnancy and healthy delivery for the mother and baby. She felt called to midwifery after her own experience giving birth. 

Olivia has dedicated over a decade to providing women’s healthcare, believing women should control their healthcare journey. She wants every patient to feel respected, supported, and empowered as they make decisions about their medical care. 

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Olivia is a certified nurse midwife specializing in pregnancy and family planning. Moreover, she can treat several conditions, including pregnancy complications, labor and delivery complications, OB-related perineal trauma, adjustment disorders, preterm labor, fetal distress, gestational hypertension, amniotic fluid issues, substance-related disorders, and prolonged pregnancy. 

She is well-equipped to handle any issues that might arise during pregnancy or labor and delivery. She works out of Saint Luke’s Hospital and accepts various insurances. 

A mom to be in a white maternity gown stands on a porch holding her bump acacia obgyn

Acacia OBGYN

Olivia Green, a certified nurse midwife, provides high-quality care at Acacia OBGYN in San Antonio. Her extensive background and training make her an excellent advocate and healthcare provider for women throughout their lives, from adolescence, to pregnancy and delivery and beyond. 

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