Recycle & Upcycle Your Children’s Items at Kid to Kid San Antonio

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Want to earn extra cash by selling your kids’ gently used clothing and gear? Check out Kid to Kid, with three convenient locations in the San Antonio area. Kid to Kid San Antonio offers cash for stylish, safe, and clean items. You can earn cash for your kids’ old items while spending money browsing great deals in the store. 

About Kid to Kid in San Antonio

1321 N Loop 

San Antonio, TX 78232

For over 30 years, Kid to Kid has paid families to recycle (upcycle!) their children’s gently-used items. This company helps benefit the community by supporting families and making great items accessible to everyone. The Kid to Kid franchise has existed since 1992, when it came about on the principle that kids often grow faster than their parents’ bank accounts. Kid to Kid has bought and sold millions of children’s items nationwide. Last year, Kid to Kid recycled over 330,000 items in their stores and donated more than half a million items to local charities. 

At Kid to Kid in San Antonio, families receive cash right on the spot as they bring in items their kids have outgrown. Customers can also shop the store’s massive collection of high-quality, slightly used items at bargain prices. This store is a win-win for families as they earn and save money. Additionally, three Kid to Kid locations in the San Antonio area make shopping a breeze! 

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Are you looking to sell items from Kid to Kid? The store pays different amounts for items based on style, brand, and condition. The items are priced in-store and typically offer clients 20-50% of what they sell the item for. Clients are offered more money for high-demand brands and equipment.

As your children grow and develop, try selling their old stuff to Kid to Kid. Bring in items that are clean, current, and safe. Browse the store while you wait for your items to be inspected and appraised. Once your items have been priced, you can choose store credit or cash for your payout. Kid to Kid buys first-rate secondhand items with high standards for condition and style. Families can get paid instantly on the spot for stylish, clean, and safe items without tears or broken pieces. 

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There are three convenient, locally-owned Kid to Kid locations in the San Antonio area: Huebner, Summit, and San Antonio. Shopping at Kid to Kid is a great way to reduce pollution and help the environment. 

You significantly reduce your carbon footprint when you shop or sell items at Kid to Kid or other resale stores. The store is also great for supporting the local San Antonio community. Instead of spending money at big box retailers, shopping local means that your money stays where you are and keeps the local economy alive.

The local Kid to Kid locations pay cash for clothes and other gently used items. If your items aren’t up to the store’s standards, they can be donated to a local charity. Donated items get a second chance to make a big impact on the local San Antonio community. 

The Locations

San Antonio: 1321 N Loop 1604 E Ste 109, San Antonio, TX 78232, United States

San Antonio Summit: 4911 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229, United States

Huebner: 11703 Huebner Rd #102, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States

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Kid to Kid San Antonio

Kid to Kid in San Antonio is a great place to buy and sell gently used children’s clothing and gear. This store is a wonderful place to support the local community and find excellent bargains on high-quality items, from toys to apparel to accessories and seasonal items. 

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