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Yoga boosts people’s health and wellness as they gain strength, flexibility, and concentration. Yoga comes in various forms and styles, and these San Antonio yoga studios offer something for everyone, no matter your skill level or fitness background. From prenatal yoga to heated yoga and flow yoga, these yoga studios provide a range of classes to help all clients feel their best, mentally and physically. 

Gain Strength, Flexibility, and Concentration with San Antonio Yoga Studios

The Synergy Studio

701 North Alamo

San Antonio, TX 78215

The Synergy Studio in San Antonio offers a dynamic lineup of yoga classes for all backgrounds and abilities. This spectacular studio offers over 30 yoga classes a week, and certified instructors teach all classes. Classes include aerial yoga, where clients stretch, swing, invert, and build strength as they’re suspended in an aerial yoga hammock. Slow Flow + Singing Crystal Bowl Meditation is a gentle yoga class with slower salutations, grounded poses, and gentle movements. Hatha Yoga is the most widespread form of yoga, focusing on classic poses (asana) and structured breathing (pranayama). 

There is also a Gentle Hatha class offered, with a slower pace to make it a good choice for all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. Vinyasa Flow yoga is a flowing sequence of poses with coordinated breathwork. Vinyasa features a vigorous flow of postures to build strength and flexibility. This studio features a unique class called Yoga for Lunch, where clients can enjoy an hour of yoga during their work break. 

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Yoga Shala

18730 Stone Oak Pkwy

Suite 102

San Antonio, TX

Yoga Shala in San Antonio features various classes suitable for all skill levels and abilities. From beginner classes suitable for all ages and fitness levels to advanced classes suitable for experienced yoga practitioners, Yoga Shala has something for everyone. Ashtanga Yoga includes vinyasas, muscle locks, breathing techniques, sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and backbends. The instructor can modify poses as clients build strength and flexibility. 

Kinesis Yoga features movement and motion, focusing on engaging muscles, controlling movement, becoming stable, and increasing balance. This class builds stamina and encourages self-discovery. This class includes music and Tabata-style workouts, alternating intense intervals with rest intervals. Restorative Yin Yoga encourages rest and recovery from life’s stressors. This class reduces tension in the body and promotes relaxation. This yoga form is based on Chinese medicine. 

This yoga studio also offers Tween Yoga, an engaging class focusing on different themes, music, poses, breathing, games, and lots of fun. This class helps kids improve balance, improve core strength, teach motor planning skills, support sensory processing, improve focus, and build self-esteem. 

House of RhythOM

7302 Louis Pasteurr

San Antonio, TX 78229

House of RhythOM in San Antonio is a unique yoga studio unlike any other. Classes are music-driven, with invigorating soundtracks that set the mood and ambiance of the practice. The music played during classes encourages breathwork and precise movements. Classes at this studio have a candlelit feel, with a low light setting that helps remove external distractions. The environment provides a relaxing escape for students, where they can focus on the warmth of the practice. 

House of RhythOM also includes infrared heated yoga because heat is a powerful factor in reducing muscle tension. It can also help clients gain a deeper connection with their yoga practice. Heated classes encourage students to focus inward. This is not a traditional yoga studio, and clients of all levels, backgrounds, and phases of life are welcome. Most classes are heated between 90 and 97 degrees, excluding Bliss and Prenatal Classes, which are unheated. 

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Yoga in Motion

8055 West Avenue

Suite 108

San Antonio, TX 78213

Yoga in Motion celebrates the healing spirit of yoga, where all clients can enjoy well-balanced, well-designed yoga and meditation classes. These classes enhance physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Yoga classes and guided meditations provide deep relaxation, a welcome break from today’s fast-paced work world. 

Gentle Yoga is a great introductory class for people new to yoga or recently injured. Beginner Flow includes slow-paced flow practice, focusing on breathing, proper alignment, and flexibility. Mixed Level Flow includes beginner postures, advanced postures, and many modifications to make the class accessible to all. Ashtanga-Inspired Vinyasa classes include sun salutations, standing sequences, finishing sequences, and relaxing savasana, focusing on breath and movement. 

Kundalini Yoga focuses on physical, emotional, and mental wellness through more challenging exercises in a fun format. There are different exercises, postures, breath work, and meditations to balance intensity and relaxation. This class also includes positive, affirming mantras and beautiful music. All classes end with a deep relaxation segment, which is good for the mind, body, and soul. 

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San Antonio Yoga Studios

Yoga is a wonderful practice for people mentally, physically, and emotionally. Yoga focuses on the mind-body connection through various poses and sequences and typically includes meditation. These San Antonio yoga studios offer a wide range of classes in various settings so that clients can choose a class that suits their background, health needs, and wellness goals. 

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