Joshua Springs Park and Preserve: A Beautiful Hill Country Setting

A family of five plays in the glowing light of golden hour at Joshua Springs Park and Preserve. Image by Cassey Golden Photography.

As a photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time in some of our city’s prettiest parks. And I’m frequently surprised by the number of families who have never been to many of these spots. So I thought I’d share some info – and beautiful pictures – from some of my favorites. You can find links to more down at the bottom but for today: Joshua Springs Park and Preserve.

Joshua Springs Park and Preserve

This gorgeous location is a bit of a drive if you’re located in San Antonio – it’s out in Boerne. But it’s definitely worth the drive for those Hill Country views.

Multiple Picture Spots

There is a lot more at Joshua Springs than what is pictured here. When you first enter the park, you’ll see this huge tree stump off the the left of the road. You can park right there and get a great variety of pictures on the stump and in the fields. It’s a beautiful setting. That’s where all the images in this post are from.

You can also drive further into the park and find a lot more: walking trails, a stocked pond, dog parks, picnic areas, a playground and restrooms, and wildlife observation blinds. They also have pavilions and an event center available to rent.

A mom hugs her daughters as the sunset illuminates the hill country view behind them. Picture taken by San Antonio family photographer Cassey Golden at Joshua Springs Park and Preserve. A family interacts at dusk at Joshua Springs Park and Preserve during family pictures with San Antonio family photographer Cassey Golden.

Pictures at Joshua Springs

Though a bit of a drive from San Antonio, this spot is a great picture location. There’s no entrance fee and parking is pretty easy. As with any gorgeous spot, you’re likely going to have a few other people out there taking pictures at popular times, so I always recommend mornings and weeknights over weekends. Be sure to follow Leave No Trace rules and be considerate of how your actions impact the land, animals, and fellow visitors. Keep nature natural!

A woman in a flowing blue dress kisses her baby boy on the temple. They stand in a grassy field just after sunset at Joshua Springs Park and Preserve. Image shot by Cassey Golden Photography.

Interested taking portraits in this stunning spot? I’d love to chat with you about what we could create for your family. Contact me through my website to start the conversation!

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