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 I believe that photos are special, but that their real value comes long after they're taken. I want to take photos that are beautiful...but more importantly, I want to take photos that are meaningful. Lifestyle photos that capture the mundane beauty of your life right now...and that you'll really treasure when they're all you have left of it. I have five kids: three little ones under four AND two young teens. I'm in the middle of the toddler chaos but I've also seen how fast the years with my big ones have flown by and am achingly aware of how few years I have left with them in my home...and how even though these baby days seem long, the years really aren't. 

Kids grow up, people pass on. And we remember best what we have pictures of. You don't need just another pretty posed picture in a field. Let me show you the beauty I see in your life right now. In your kids, in your home, in your interactions. You don't need a perfect family or perfect home - I promise there's so much beauty in every family no matter the details. I want to document and preserve this season for you and help you get those pictures off your computer and into your home. Family is my specialty: from the first flutters of a new baby in your tummy, until you're celebrating their high school graduations. I want to be your San Antonio family photographer, documenting all of it in a way that will be truly meaningful for you and your children for a lifetime.

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No stuffy formal pictures here. While I always deliver some great "get together and smile at the camera" images, what I'm really passionate about is capturing genuine joy and connection in your family. I know you you aren't a perfect family. Sometimes your kids just drive you crazy, and you're probably too busy and wish you had more quality time with everyone. But I also know you love your family with your whole heart and want more than anything to be a good mom and give them a loving childhood. Let me show you what I see through my lens: that you're succeeding.

Where do I even begin?! From the initial inquiry I made about booking a session to the delivery of our photo gallery, Cassey made every part of the process so easy and fun! Picking coordinating outfits usually stresses me out, but Cassey provides simple guides and collaborated with me via Marco Polo in such a way that I actually enjoyed it. She answered all of my questions and helped us choose the perfect location for the session based on our wants/needs. Seriously just can’t recommend her enough.

The final images in our gallery were gorgeous! I mean STUNNING! She strives to not only capture beautiful images but ones that also show you- your natural personality- your chemistry- the real YOU. We also had a great time during the shoot even though it ended up being colder than we expected and had two kids to wrangle. We can’t wait to work with Cassey again! The search for a photographer is over—we found the one!

Family session


I absolutely loved working with Cassey for our photoshoot this spring! Scheduling was easy; Cassey was really responsive and helpful while I chose a date and type of session and she even helped make recommendations for outfits, which is sometimes the most stressful part!

 When we arrived to our location, she was there waiting for us and she really made us feel comfortable to be ourselves in front of the camera. Our photos from that shoot are exactly what I wanted- I had scheduled a short session but somehow she fit in a lot of different poses and combinations of our family that I'm very happy with. The quality of the pictures, the lighting, and all- I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend Cassey Golden Photography.

Family Session


Cassey was so great to work with! She is very professional and she was dedicated to making sure our photoshoot was perfect!

She photographed our gender reveal photos and I can honestly say I’m so happy we chose her to capture that moment. The pictures turned out perfect. They are so beautiful and we couldn’t be happier with the results! I highly recommend her services! You will not be disappointed.

Maternity Session


I reached out to Cassey hoping that she could "catch my vision." I wanted natural light because the brightness echos the feelings of my heart. I wanted images of us doing the things we love doing together: playing with toys, rolling around on the floor, making pancakes. I wanted my home where I spend 90% of my time since having a new baby. I felt like God's vision for our family was here, our family was complete. And I needed to capture it in a special way. ... In comes Cassey. She was right on board with the ideas. She could see my vision clearly and she even stepped it up a notch (or three) to make my photo dreams come true. Communication was very clear.  She sent me a photoshoot guide to help prepare for the big day. She even invited me to check out her client closet to help dress my family and I. 

The day of the shoot, she arrived on time, very kind and excited, and got to work. Cassey was great at working with my little kids who didn't want to cooperate all the time. She made it fun for them, turning their frowns into smiles with her quick suggestions. She guided the session so we would move from one shot to the next without wasting time. I gave her a list of photos I hoped to capture, she did, and she even created more cherished pictures that I didn't ask for. She has been doing this a long time so she knows how to make it work best.

Freeze time. Cherish those sweet family moments. Hire Cassey Golden Photography.

family in-home Session


Working with Cassey was a wonderful experience all around! She was very open and responsive to any questions I had in the time leading up to our photos. And the shoot itself was a dream! My son was not into it but she was able to get him to loosen up and ended up getting some beautiful shots of him! She was communicative, thoughtful, and great with kids! Our family photos are beautiful and I would absolutely love to work with her again!

family session


We had Cassey over to our house family pictures and I HIGHLY recommend her! Her friendly outgoing personality put at all at ease, even my stubborn toddler! ALL of the photos she took were pure magic and beautiful. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone reading this and all of my friends!

newborn Session

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