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helping you preserve the everyday beauty of each fleeting season as art you'll treasure for a lifetime

I'm a wife to an army man, mom to five awesome kiddos and two dogs,  Jesus-follower, and photographer. Some of my favorite things are exploring our beautiful country with my family, camping, hiking, paddleboarding, reading, yoga and chocolate. We live in San Antonio, Texas and we love this little city.

I had a small photography business back before I had kids but ended up setting it aside when my husband joined the army. My second child had just come along and we were moving away from everything we was a season for me to just focus on my babies. Now, more than a decade later, those babies are much bigger and I have three more little ones (?!?) in the picture, but I missed doing this. I love that I've been able to throw the doors back open on this business and capture sweet moments for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Having two older kids and then doing the baby stage again really gave me perspective on how quickly they grow up and how short this parenting season of life is. It's also taught me about the kinds of photos that are the most meaningful to me, and that's what I want to offer to you as well.

hi, I'm cassey

Photos of my family by Sara Blanco

Day by day nothing changes,

 I believe that photos are special, but that their real value comes long after they're taken. I want to take photos that are beautiful...but more importantly, I want to take photos that are meaningful. Photos that capture the mundane beauty of your life right now...and that you'll really treasure when they're all you have left of it. I have five kids: three little ones under four AND two young teens. I'm in the middle of the toddler chaos but I've also seen how fast the years with my big ones have flown by and am achingly aware of how few years I have left with them in my home...and how even though these baby days seem long, the years really aren't. 

Kids grow up, people pass on. And we remember best what we have pictures of. You don't need just another pretty posed picture in a field. Let me show you the beauty I see in your life right now. In your kids, in your home, in your interactions. You don't need a perfect family or perfect home - I promise there's so much beauty in every family no matter the details. I want to document and preserve this season for you and help you get those pictures off your computer and into your home. Family is my specialty: from the first flutters of a new baby in your tummy, until you're celebrating their high school graduations. I love documenting all of it in a way that will be truly meaningful for you and your children for a lifetime.

That quote gets me every time, and it's the reason I do this.

but when you look back everything is different.

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