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Kids’ clothes and baby gear can really add up, especially when children grow so quickly. For families looking to save money, take a look at Once Upon a Child in San Antonio, a store that offers gently used, high-quality clothes and gear at a fraction of the retail cost. When families shop at Once Upon a Child, they not only help their wallets – they help the environment as well! 

About Once Upon A Child in San Antonio

 16646 San Pedro Ave

San Antonio, TX 78232

Once Upon a Child locations are individually owned and operated by moms and dads in the community who know that all parents are looking for a great deal regarding baby clothes, toys, and gear. Customers can shop for quality children’s clothing at up to 70% off retail prices! Once Upon a Child offers simple, convenient ways to sell gently used kids’ items and ensure an eco-friendly shopping experience

All items are selected to meet current style, safety, and condition standards. Whether you’re shopping for your kids or selling your old items, the staff at San Antonio is ready to assist you with anything you need! This is a great place to shop to be eco-conscious and prevent waste. 

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Once Upon a Child in San Antonio features a fantastic selection of gently used kids’ merchandise at huge discounts. From clothes to shoes to baby gear and accessories, Once Upon a Child has everything families need for affordable prices. Once Upon a Child is constantly adding new products, giving families access to all the best seasonal and trending items at a fraction of the regular retail cost. 

To sell items, simply bring in gently used children’s clothes, toys, shoes, furniture, and baby gear. A store employee will review the items and make an offer based on safety, style, and condition standards. Clients can get paid cash right on the spot if they accept the offer! All items should be in ready-to-wear or ready-to-use condition. Customers should neatly fold clothes in a box or bin. Toys must meet current safety standards and have all parts and pieces. Items accepted include apparel, costumes, dancewear, kid’s clothes, outerwear, sleepwear, swimwear, tween clothes, and athletic wear. 

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Shopping at Once Upon a Child is special because it gives families a sustainable way to value style and play. Living a sustainable lifestyle is admirable but can be challenging in today’s society. Many families strive to be more eco-friendly daily, from recycling to composting to cooking meals at home. 

Recycling clothing and buying used clothes and toys are great ways to help the environment and make the world a better place. Once Upon a Child makes the process easy. In addition to offering a great selection of used kid’s clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, and baby gear, selling items is a simple way for families to earn cash. 

When families bring in gently used items, they help make the earth a better place. Recycling clothing saves gallons of water and barrels of oil and helps give the items a second chance at life. Recycling helps reduce emissions generated when new textiles and other materials are created to manufacture new toys and baby gear. When parents sell to Once Upon a Child, they extend the life of those items and reduce waste. 

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Luckily, three locations throughout the city provide families from all areas convenience. 

San Antonio: 16646 San Pedro Ave. San Antonio, TX 78232

Leon Valley: 6945 Bandera Road Leon Valley, TX 78238

Universal City: 135 Athenian Drive Universal City, TX 78148

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Once Upon A Child San Antonio

Once Upon a Child in San Antonio is a wonderful place for families to shop. They can save money and feel good about helping the environment by buying gently used second-hand items. Once Upon a Child adheres to strict safety standards and only offers the best quality used items they can find. This store is a great place to earn cash, save money, and choose from various great items at bargain prices. 

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