Why Moms Love Relaxing at Massage Heights in San Antonio!

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Massage therapy is a great way to promote relaxation and overall wellness. Regularly incorporating massage into your routine can improve overall wellness and satisfaction. At Massage Heights in San Antonio, clients can enjoy several high-quality massage treatments personalized to suit their unique needs and health goals. 

A father holds his sleeping newborn baby in his hands while mom leans in massage heights in san antonio

Get To Know Massage Heights in San Antonio

999 East Basse Road

 Suite 165

San Antonio, TX 78209

Massage Heights in San Antonio offers exceptional facial treatments and massage therapy so clients can discover just how wonderful life can feel! Massage therapy has various health benefits, including more relaxation, less pain, and a broader range of motion. 

Wellness programs at this Alamo Heights sanctuary make it easy for clients to reach their wellness goals through customized treatments tailored just for them. This earthy retreat allows people to enjoy self-care and rejuvenation while every treatment leaves them feeling relaxed and restored. 

A father holds his newborn baby in his arms while mom leans on his shoulder while standing on a porch


Massage Heights gives clients a personalized wellness experience through customized experiences based on their unique wellness goals. Whether light pressure or firm massage, all treatments give clients a therapeutic experience that enhances overall wellness. Elevated amenities are available to provide the best mental and physical benefits. Complimentary aromatherapy is available to relax, revive, and refresh the soul. Clients can pick which scent they like. Clients can enjoy a complete, unique treatment suitable for their goals. Massages include couples massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage, and sports massage. 

Swedish massage is a relaxing modality that promotes refreshment and therapeutic benefits like relieving muscle pain, increasing circulation, and improving overall wellness. Massage therapists alternate between light and firm pressure and use a combination of kneading and friction to activate the joints and muscles.

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Clients can buy a membership to add massage to their routine. The Massage Heights team can help clients discover how great they can feel when caring for their bodies through self-care and relaxation. Wellness Programs allow people to improve their everyday lives through massage therapy. Lifestyle consultants help clients select plans to address and support their unique needs and goals. 

Add-on services are available with every therapeutic treatment. These additional treatments can provide therapeutic benefits to the body and face. They can further enhance the session and support the client’s health and wellness goals. Additional services include dynamic cupping therapy, hot stone therapy, and reviving foot scrub. 

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Massage Heights in San Antonio

At Massage Heights in San Antonio, clients can enjoy various massage services to improve overall wellness. Through relaxing, rejuvenating treatments, clients can feel their best as they work toward their wellness goals. Massage Heights is San Antonio’s premier destination for excellent massage services and treatments. 

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