Cibolo Creek Nature Center: San Antonio’s Most Picturesque Creek

A young woman sits on a stepping stone in Cibolo Creek Nature Center and splashes with her foot.

As a photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time in some of our city’s prettiest parks. And it often surprises me when families have never been to many of these spots. So I thought I’d share some info – and beautiful pictures – from some of my favorites. You can find links to more down at the bottom but for today: Cibolo Creek Nature Center.

Cibolo Center for Conservation: Cibolo Nature Center and Herff Farm

Cibolo Center for Conservation in Boerne, Texas is comprised of the Cibolo Nature Center and Herff Farm. These are two separate but nearby locations.

A young woman in a white dress sits on the stepping stones in the middle of the river at Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX.

A senior girl in her dance uniform and graduation gown stands in the golden grasses at the Cibolo Center for Conservation.

Cibolo Creek Nature Center

This beautiful location in Boerne is a  favorite for families and photographers alike. On any given morning, you can find moms with toddlers in tow splashing in the creek or playing on the playground. You’ll find people on walks with their dogs, or just enjoying the trails through the golden fields. You’ll likely run into someone taking pictures.

The park includes a visitor’s center, walking trails, a boardwalk, picnic areas, the creek, lots of bird watching, and even some dinosaur tracks! The venue also hosts an outdoor concert series one Saturday a month during warmer months.

A family portrait of a family of six standing along the bank of the creek at Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, Texas.

Cibolo Center for Conservation: Herff Farm

Nearby on 33 Herff Rd in Boerne is Herff Farm, an old homestead. This location (not pictured) hosts a Saturday morning farmer’s market, gardens, art and nature classes, and even a nature preschool.

A large family laughs together in a field of tall golden grasses at Cibolo Center for Conservation in Boerne, Texas.A senior guy sits on a stone in the river crossing at Cibolo Creek Nature Center in Boerne.

Visiting Cibolo Nature Center

140 City Park Road
Boerne, TX 78006

The trails at the park are open 8am-dusk every day. The center itself is open M-F 9am-4:30pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

A young woman in a white sundress leans against a tree in Cibolo Center for Conservation in Boerne, Texas.

Pictures at Cibolo Creek Nature Center

A permit is required for amateur and professional photographers to shoot at Cibolo Nature Center, but luckily it’s a fairly modest fee. For photos of groups of 10 or less, it’s just $25 for a permit and you can purchase it in the center during open hours or you can purchase it in advance online. For groups of 11-30 the fee is $50. If you’re doing mini sessions, it’s one $25 permit/family. If you plan to shoot here frequently, you can purchase a one-time annual pass for $250. Photoshoots don’t need to be scheduled, you just need to carry your receipt with you. I have been approached and asked to see my permit receipt so be sure to do this! The small fee goes towards keeping the park nice for everyone.

Interested in having photos done in this fantastic location? I love shooting here, especially with families who want to get in the water to splash around. Honestly, if you don’t want to get at least your feet wet, then I don’t recommend it. But if you’re willing to at least wade into the water, we can have a lot of fun! Contact me through my website and let’s chat!

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