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Finding a good pediatrician is integral to a family’s healthcare experience. These four pediatricians in San Antonio provide high-quality medical services to families in the area in welcoming, supportive settings. From annual checkups to injury care and disease prevention, these pediatricians care for children throughout their lives, from birth through early adulthood. 

Four Top-Tier San Antonio Pediatricians

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Stone Oak Pediatrics

540 Oak Centre Drive 


San Antonio, TX 78258

All families want the best medical care for their children. At Stone Oak Pediatrics, families can receive exceptional care in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. They offer quality medical advice in a setting that makes children and parents feel at ease. The practice opened in 1999 in San Antonio, promoting a family culture and aiming to help patients feel like part of the family. 

Each patient is essential, and all physicians are Board Certified in Pediatrics, committed to maintaining personal relationships with children and their families. They established the office to create an environment where parents and kids could feel comfortable receiving the best pediatric care. From well-child checkups to behavioral health to injury care, Stone Oak Pediatrics helps children feel their best as they grow and develop. 

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A thru Z Pediatrics

Conveniently located throughout the city with three locations: one in Stone Oak, one in the Medical Center, and one in Schertz.

Patients at A thru Z Pediatrics can expect excellent medical care, top-notch services, and a friendly, supportive environment. Families can also access resources and counseling on various topics relating to raising healthy, happy children. This practice focuses on the whole child, considering the physical, mental, emotional, and social issues that may affect their growth and development.

This practice offers after-hours and weekend care. A phone answering service forwards after-hours calls to an on-call provider who can call parents back to answer any questions. Care is available for newborns, children, and adolescents. The office also offers sports physicals, asthma treatment, and more in a friendly, welcoming setting. 

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Pegasus Pediatrics

1020 Townsend Ave

San Antonio, TX 78209

Located in Alamo Heights, Pegasus Pediatrics offers many spectacular services to families in the San Antonio area. Same-day sick visits are available for parents when their child is sick. No delays or hassles are needed; children can be seen on the same day to get them feeling better quicker. The practice provides routine vaccinations for children. They administer vaccines in a secure, friendly office where all children are cared for and safe from preventable diseases. Routine physicals are given to children periodically throughout their childhood, as well as camp physicals and sports physicals. 

Expectant parents, families new to town, or parents who want to change their pediatrician can attend a “meet the doctor” session to see if this practice suits their family. 

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Alpha Pediatrics

502 Madison Oak Drive

Suite 245

San Antonio, TX 78258

Alpha Pediatrics has cared for children for over 25 years, providing exceptional medical care for families in San Antonio. Located in the Stone Oak area, they commit their practice to improving the lives of children through quality healthcare services. 

Dr. Emad Kaldas and his staff form relationships with families, helping them learn how to promote their child’s health effectively. The Alpha Pediatrics website also contains many resources to help make the healthcare experience easier and more efficient. First-time parents and new patients can complete patient forms online, saving time on the first visit. 

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San Antonio Pediatricians

These four San Antonio pediatricians provide high-quality services to families in the area. From yearly checkups to immunizations to injury and illness care, these pediatricians provide exceptional, family-focused care to children to ensure they have a happy, healthy childhood. 

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