San Antonio Bluebonnet Pictures: A Favorite Yearly Tradition!

Family frolicking through a field of bluebonnets

San Antonio Bluebonnet Pictures

San Antonio bluebonnet pictures have come to an end for this year, but they were so beautiful while they lasted! This was my first time doing bluebonnet pictures but it definitely won’t be my last. I fell in love with these fields of pretty blue flowers! Though I typically prefer more neutral settings, the pops of blue were a fun shakeup to my normal settings and all my clients worked with me so well to style their families in a way that photographed beautifully in these famous Texas wildflowers. I can’t wait for the next San Antonio bluebonnet picture season! Be sure to contact me over at if you want to be the first ones in the know for bluebonnet sessions next spring. They’re a bit unpredictable and around for a very short window so sessions go fast!

San Antonio bluebonnet pictures with Cassey Golden Photography

Aaahh, look at this beauitful golden glow.

I loved how her blue dress tied in with the bluebonnets surrounding her. This picture is far from monochromatic, but the repeating blue looks so nice. 

Six siblings talking together during San Antonio bluebonnet pictures with Cassey Golden Photography.

Brother and sister dancing in a field of flowers. Bluebonnet pictures in San Antonio.

I love this golden glow with beautiful San Antonio bluebonnets fading away into the distance.

A family plays together on a blanket in a bluebonnet field during family pictures.

I put my blanket in the same spot every time to preserve the bluebonnets as much as possible. Once they get trampled, they’re done for the season, so looking for bare spots to sit in for your bluebonnet pictures is important. 

Bluebonnets are unpredictable

You have to be fairly patient and dedicated if you want to schedule bluebonnet pictures with a professional photographer. Bluebonnet season varies a bit year to year – some years they’re in full bloom by mid-March, and other years they’re just starting as April rolls around. A field that looked great one year may be lackluster the next. And this past year, spring weather played into the unpredictability big-time. For the entirety of bluebonnet photo season, the forecast called for clouds and rain the majority of days. While many days ended up being beautiful, it was definitely hard to play ahead for bluebonnet picture sessions. This is especially challenging if a photographer wants to offer bluebonnet mini sessions in San Antonio. Rescheduling one family is one thing…rescheduling a whole line-up of mini sessions is a whole other beast! So know that if you have your heart set on bluebonnet pictures with a pro, you may have to be a bit flexible with scheduling.

Beautiful golden portrait of a little girl sitting in San Antonio bluebonnets.
Big family with young kids smiles together during San Antonio bluebonnet pictures.
Family frolicking through a field of bluebonnets

Pictures in the Meantime

If you don’t want to wait for San Antonio bluebonnet pictures to roll around again, check out my website to see the work I do with families year-round. I especially love sessions in your home. 

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