Landa Library: Books, Gardens, Playgrounds and More

Senior portrait of a girl in a floral dress. She holds a novel and is standing on the back patio of Landa Library in San Antonio.

As a photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time in some of our city’s prettiest parks. And I’m frequently surprised by the number of families who have never been to many of these spots. So I thought I’d share some info – and beautiful pictures – from some of my favorites. You can find links to more down at the bottom but for today: Landa Library in San Antonio.

Black and white image of a young girl standing under the arch at Landa Library in San Antonio. The sun streams in behind her.

Landa Library

This beautiful spot is more than just a public library. An old Mediterranean-style mansion-turned-library, it’s also sits on 5 acres of land that has been turned into a playground and gardens to be enjoyed by all. Whether your kids want to run and play, you want to check out some new books, or you just want to sit and enjoy nature in a beautiful setting, Landa Library should be one of your next destinations.

Black and white portrait of a girl sitting against a wall of books inside Landa Library. She has a stack of classic novels next to her and has one open on her lap. Black and white portrait of a girl curled up in a window in Landa Library, engrossed in a novel.


Officially known as the Hannah Landa Memorial Library, this beautiful mansion was a gift to the city from Harry Landa. Harry and his wife Hannah were married for 30 years and oversaw the design and construction of this home that they would live together in for 13 years. Hannah died of influenza in 1942, and four years later Harry passed away and left the home and grounds to the city to be used as a free library and children’s playground in memory of his beloved wife. The library opened to the public in 1947.

Portrait of a young girl smiling off camera. She's surrounded by foliage at Landa Park Conservancy.

Fun fact: that same year, a caretaker’s cottage on the grounds became home to a new school for deaf children called The Sunshine Cottage. The school grew and eventually moved to a new space nearby, where it is still running today.

Landa Library Today

Today this mansion is part of the San Antonio Public Library system. The grounds are a public garden managed by the Landa Gardens Conservancy. The grounds include a playground, shaded sitting areas, paths and gardens. It also features a pavilion designed by a local artist that looks like a grove of shade trees.

Senior portrait of a girl in jeans and a brown sweater leaning up against an ivy-covered wall on the grounds of the Landa Gardens Conservancy at Landa Library.

Visiting Landa Library and Conservancy

Visit Landa Library and Conservancy in the Monte Vista Historical District at 233 Bushnell, San Antonio, TX 78212. They are open 10am-6pm Wed-Sun and 12-8pm on Monday and Tuesday. Parking is free but limited to about 40 cars. Photographers, it is free to take pictures here but they do require you to secure a permit at least 10 days in advance. You can learn more about that here.

A young family interacts and laughs together. They are standing in front of a beautiful arched doorway on the grounds of Landa Library in San Antonio.

Would you like to take pictures at this stunning location? Contact me and I’d be happy to talk about what we could create together!

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