TWO Porch Session Options!

A family snuggles on a daybed on a porch during golden hour.

Porch Sessions are my own unique offering: a hybrid studio/outdoor setting right on my own beautiful upper porch. I am so lucky to get to live in a gorgeous historical home on Fort Sam Houston, and these porches are my FAVORITE thing about it.

I realized pretty early on that I had a great photo setting going on. It’s simple and neutral, clean and bright. The light works all day long, but is especially great at Golden Hour, where we get that beautiful golden backlight that I love shooting in.

I don’t offer many mini sessions. Though they’re an efficient way to fit in a lot of clients, I really love focusing on just one family, making sure they get great communication and all my focus. But I realized pretty quickly that porch sessions could give me the best of both worlds: a mini session offering for people who want them, but the ease of just one family at a time for me. The incredible convenience of you coming right to me allows me to provide these at a much lower cost than my standard sessions, so I make them available as mini-sessions year round.

BUT I still always come back to the fact that what I really love shooting is INTERACTION. Yes, we can take the perfect ‘everyone smiling at the camera’ pictures too…but I really think that as you look back at your photos over the years, you’ll care less about the ‘perfect’ pictures and more about the pictures that show you laughing with your loved ones, being silly together, snuggling up, and being real. And my porch daybed offers a great way to get those snuggly, fun moments in.

SO I’m now offering TWO Porch Session options: the Mini and the Full. The mini gives you 20 minutes and 15 images to download. Just enough time to run through a few different groupings (full family, all kids, mom and dad, individual kids) – typically a bit more of the posed shots. The full session is one where we aren’t worried about the clock, but on average we’ll spend closer to an hour together. You get the digital files of ALL the edited pictures from our time (at least 60) and there’s time to get settled in, loosen up, and have some fun. You can change outfits if needed and get a lot more variety – and all for half the price of my standard full session. Porch sessions are a fantastic deal! You can check see more examples from porch sessions on my website HERE, and all my prices can be found on my Investment page.

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